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The Bradford Antiquary has been published for over 100 years. The current issue of The Bradford Antiquary (No.80, 2019) can be bought directly from us, we have an order form you can download. The contents of the current issue are given at the bottom of the page. Back copies of some issues are also available, a brief outline of their contents is given on the order page.

We intend to put as much as possible of the contents of past issues onto this website. This is a slow process but there are already over 50 papers and many book reviews and other articles available.

You can browse the online material in several ways. Either go to one of the three lists of articles where you will find papers, reviews of books and pamphlets, or other articles such as editorials and reports of events of interest to local historians

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Contents of the current issue

No.80, 2019:

Sir Titus Salt at Scarborough: - a Tale of Church and Chapel George Sheeran
The Bradford Glasshouse Derek Barker and Mary Twentyman
The Titus Salt statue, Lister Park David Pendleton
“We can take it” – Bradford on the Front Line Norman A Alvin
Peter Bussey (1805 – 1869) Bradford Chartist Leader Dave Welbourne
Scoresby versus Pearson – The Bishop’s Judgement; and the loser, St John’s the Evangelist David Loose
Obituary - Ian Dewhirst MBE Bob Duckett
Obituary – John Anthony Jowitt             

Paul Jennings and George Sheeran